Christmas Greetings!


November was the time for honeymoons #3 and #4.  We were part of a tour to Turkey and Greece  xxxxxxxxx, that visited the ruins of the seven churches that are described in the book of Revelation.  That included Ephesus, a really large city at one time on the coast of Turkey.  This was followed by visiting the places in Greece where the Apostle Paul visited on his 3rd missionary journey.  In Athens, of course, we visited the acropolis and the classical structures that surround it.  This concluded the tour with our friends, who flew home. Jim and Eloise had different plans.....sailing in the Saronic sea south of Athens in a chartered sailing yacht. We also hired a skipper, Yann, who was also a wonderful guide and friend.  Both of us had tours of being at the helm, but Jim got the heavy duty just as we left Athens.  We had 25 knot wind and seas over 4 feet high!  3 hours of guiding the boat heeled over about 20 degrees and being bounced around by the seas was enough to get him really tired!  The sailing was a wonderful experience, and we think we shall try that again.

Merry Christmas !      Jim and Eloise  OREGON USA     2005