December 18, 1997

Dear Yann,

I started composing this letter at our elk hunting camp at Wallowa Lake, in far northeastern Oregon. When I started the letter, I was the only one there, except for my French hunting dog. The rest of the "cowboys" are not on sabbatical. My scouting didn't reveal any elk, but K'winn and I raised hell with the local grouse! When the rest of the hunters showed up, including Roger, we saw a number of big bulls but no spikes. The area we were hunting was limited to only spike elk, so we didn't bring home any meat.

You truly made a major contribution to our trip of a lifetime. Your role could not have been fulfilled any better. Skipper, native guide, teacher, companion, friend and moral compass. We were all saddened to hove you leave us. We really hope you and your wife will visit us in Oregon. I have enclosed some literature about our area to encourage you. Also enclosed is a letter I have composed to send to a number or our friends. We have been talking you up to anyone we think might be interested. As far as the cost of staying here, you will be our guests